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Goodbye Quote & SMS

goodbye quotes for coworkers
goodbye quotes for coworkers

No matter where you go, no matter where you are – always remember that there is this girl waiting for you to come back and take care of her. Go well.

Your memories will keep me alive, and it is hard for me to say goodbye. Take care of yourself. Goodbye messages

One day you will see the pain of distance, one day you will see the importance of unity. I hope you did well in whatever path you chose before, that is my blessing !! Go well.

Don’t listen to me as you go. My life will be exactly the same – I dream of a day when we can all be together. I love you, goodbye.

It is not easy for me to say good-bye. But I will always be there when you need me. Goodbye messages

My words cannot express the inner pain that I feel. I will always cherish our memories.

I will keep it forever in my heart. I hope the best for your future.

I never thought I would face such a situation. It hurts, but there is no other way. Good luck!

I love you, but circumstances do not allow me to be with you. I hope the best for you. Goodbye for now.

If you also feel like a myth. I will let you know forever, no matter how far you go. Goodbye messages

Messages On Goodby For Friends

goodbye quotes for friends
goodbye quotes for friends

It’s not easy for me not to see your smiling face. I hope to see you soon at any time. Good luck!

Baby I thought we would be together forever and I was ready to spend the rest of my life with you. But sadly this is not going to happen and we have to go our separate ways now. I’m so sorry.

This farewell is not a sign that I am leaving your life forever, rather, it is a silent message that you will lose a lot and I hope to see you again soon. Good luck!

I never thought about this situation that I could live without you. Wherever you go, my love and my good wishes are always with you. I hope you will achieve your goal.

Absence is said to make the relationship stronger. Distance was not important in our relationship, but it’s hard for me not to see your good smile. Eternal thinking about you.

Our bond is so strong that even if you go away, my heart will never forget it. I don’t want to say goodbye to you because you’ve never been out of my mind.

You are my joy, my darling. I will wait for you every day to come back and hug me. Let us consider this distance as an examination of our association.

Even if we are separated, nothing will change between us. I want you to achieve your dreams that you have always wanted. I can carry this distance with your joy.

Goodbye Best Status & SMS

goodbye quotes for lover
Goodbye Status

We will be separated for thousands of miles but I just want to remember that I am not just your girlfriend – I am the only girl you want your own to come true. Go well.

I know I can’t stop you from going, but I can’t help but cry. But I won’t let you see my tears, because I don’t want you to stop smiling. Go well.

I will convince my heart that you will go for a while. But who will reassure my arms that they will not find your embrace? Go well.

Your hug, your voice, your touch… all seem real. It wakes me up and makes me cry. Farewell is very difficult when you are too far away.

I know he will be back soon, but that moment seems to pass from here to the moon. You do not know how much I will miss you, my whole world will be immersed in a sad spirit. Go well.

Your absence will pierce my heart like a sword. But don’t worry, it will still hit you. Go well.

Goodbye Quotes & Greetings

goodbye coworker quotes
Goodbye SMS

Thank you for all those good memories. Even though it doesn’t matter anymore, you’ve always been there for me. Now is the time to say goodbye.

I think it’s better to let things go than to ruin our relationship. No matter what you do, I wish you well but also enjoy life.

You will never know what is going on inside of me. Time heals everything; this is the only hope for me now. Maybe we weren’t created to be, so we better continue to live our lives.

I have always thought that you are the most consistent in my life, no matter what, we will be together. How things change with a simple farewell! Take care and be lucky.

I have noticed that I do not feel love between us. I don’t feel anything anymore. I will not lie to you. I want to be alone right now. I hope you understand and respect the decision.

My heart is broken but I am not broken. I want to cry but I can’t help but laugh. I feel self-sacrificing but hold my head high. It really hurts but it’s time to say goodbye.

As you walk, you walk with a piece of my heart, a part of my soul, a piece of my mind and all my happiness. Go well.

We are too young to be arrested, which is why I’m so glad to see you fly to the sky. Don’t look at me as you walk, I don’t want you to see tears in my eyes. Go well.

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