Happy Slap Day Quotes: Slap Day is celebrated every year on February 15. Like Valentine’s Day is about expressing love, Slap Day is about expressing your anger or ending a relationship. With Slap Day images and Happy Slap Day messages, share Whatsapp Status. The latest collection of wishes for Slap Day and Slap Day quotes to share on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Pinterest. Best of Happy Slap Day Status which are great ways to celebrate Slap Day 2021.

Happy Slap Day Quotes 2021

Here are some of the new and latest Happy Slap Day messages you can share on WhatsApp or Facebook. Express your anger and harsh feelings with these Slap Day Images and wishes which are thoughtful sharing.

“The strength of my slap is in response to the action you have taken… .. With this slap, I conclude everything we share between us.”

“Stand in front of a mirror and look at yourself with your own eyes and slap yourself hard for hurting the one you love and trust more than words.”

“I wish you a very Happy Day and congratulations on turning all the love I had for you into hate.”

“I am breaking all your obligations because you have given me all the good reasons to do so I wish you well on Slap Day and wish you to feel my pain one day.”

Slap Day Wishes Status For Friend

Celebrate Slap Day with great wishes, photos, and quotes to share with the person who has hurt you the most. End your relationship with a strong slap in the form of Happy Slap Day wishing a message you can share with the one that is most appropriate.

“It’s not my loss because I loved the man who cheated on me but your loss because you lost someone who loved you unconditionally… .. Happy Slap Day Wishes.

“I wish you could feel the same pain and disgust as me and this could be a big slap on your face .. .. I wish you all the best on Slap Day.”

“You don’t have to slap someone but you have to slap someone with your words because you hurt so much…. Happy Slap Day Wishes. ”

“This slap is for you especially because no one has ever been able to hurt me so much…. I wish you a good Slap day for the one who doesn’t deserve love in life.”

Best Slap Day SMS in Hindi

Express your hatred and anger with Happy Slap Day SMS in Hindi because you are expressing the best in your language. Say it all to the one who betrayed you and relied on love for Slap Day wishes.

“Tumhara meri zindagi mein aana hi ek sabse badi saza thi aur aaj main yeh saza khatm karti hu…. We wish you a good day. ”

“Slap Day ke din mein yeh kehna chahti hu ki main tumhein thappad bhi nahi marna chahti kyunki tum jaise insaan ko main chuna bhi nahi chahti.”

“UJitne dukh aur dard tumne mujhe diye hain uske liye yeh thappad bhi kam hai…. Bass is rishtey ka ant hi bahut hai…. We wish you a good day. ”

“Aaj hum zindagi ke aise mod par khade hain jahan tumse behad pyar karne wala dil ab behad nafrat karta hai… .. We wish you the best of Slap day for you.”

Happy Slap Day Status On Facebook

“Sometimes you have to be beaten so hard to get out of your dream world and see the truth.”

“Slap is nothing more than a response to your violence… .. Happy Slap Day.”

“If you are short on words and want to end a bad relationship, slapping is the best way to end it.”

“The intensity of the slap indicates how much pain you have inflicted on the person.” Happy Slap Day Images.

“There is something we all want to slap and they are called mosquitoes. Warm wishes for Slap Day. ”

“I wish you a great Slap day for you. Never get angry with the slap in the face. ”

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