Parivartini Ekadashi Wishes, Quotes, Message, SMS, Status 2022 – Fasting on the day of Parlartini Ekadashi (Parivartini Ekadashi 2022) leads to the Vajpayee Yajna by worshiping Lord Vishnu. The importance of this date is taken into account very high.

The fast of Parivartini Ekadashi is going to be observed on Saturday, August 29. Lord Vishnu sleeps for 4 months on the day of Parivartini Ekadashi Status

Devuthani gets abreast of Ekadashi. thanks to the change in location, this Ekadashi has been named Charanatini.

Ekadashi’s date is extremely dear to Lord Vishnu. that’s why their devotees fast today and check out to please them.

Parivartini Ekadashi Puja Vidhi

  • Today, rise up and take a bath in Brahma Muhurta. Wear clean clothes.
  • Clean the place where worship is to be done.
  • Purify the place of worship by adding Ganga water.
  • Take an outpost and spread a yellow cloth thereon.
  • Place the idol of Lord Lakshmi Narayan on her.
  • Light a lamp and apply Kumkum or sandalwood tilak on the statue.
  • Meditate Lord Vishnu with folded hands. Offer basil leaves and yellow flowers on the statue.
  • Then recite Vishnu Chalisa, Vishnu Stotra and Vishnu Sahastranam.
  • Do chant the mantras or names of Lord Vishnu on today.
  • After this, perform the aarti of Vishnu. Apologize to them for mistakes made in worship.
  • Offer some yellow fruits or sweets.

parivartinee ekaadashee shubh muhoort

Ekadashi date starts – August 28, Friday – 08 in the morning from 38 Ekadashi date ends – August 29, Saturday – 08 mornings to 17 minutes Passing time – August 30, Sunday – 05:58 am to 08:21 am

Ekadashi Whatsapp Status 2022

Rama Ekadashi ke shubh din par AAP payein Shri Ram Ka ashirvad aur sukh- samridhi se skiff metallic element aapka har din har vaar. Parivartini Ekadashi Wishes

With the blessings of Lord Shri Ram all of your issues area unit remodeled into stunning opportunities that lead you to the trail of success. Parivartini Ekadashi Quotes

On the occasion of Rama Ekadashi, allow us to learn from Shri Ram to be poise and lovesome, caring and feeling for a cheerful and glad life. Parivartini Ekadashi Message

May Lord Hindu deity impart you with all the strength to try to to the correct things and write off all of your unhealthy karmas together with your smart actions….. Best desires on Parivartini Ekadashi SMS

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