Puja on Jaya Ekadasi Vrat 2023 Importance – Jaya Ekadashi is celebrated during the waxing phase of the moon in the month of January. The date of Jaya Ekadashi in 2023 is 12th February. It is also seen by various Hindu communities as Bhishma Ekadashi and Bhumi Ekadashi. It is believed that the observance of Jaya Ekadashi 2023 will help in getting rid of the regrets associated with sins and will also lead to liberation.

Jaya Ekadasi Importance

The significance of Jaya Ekadashi was narrated by Lord Krishna to Yudhishthira and is found in Padma Purana and Bhava Purana.

Puja on Jaya Ekadasi Vrat 2020 Importance
Puja on Jaya Ekadasi Vrat 2023 Importance

Fasting on Jaya Ekadashi is considered highly beneficial. Even some hardcore Vishnu devotees do not sleep overnight.

All the general rules related to Ekadashi fasting are followed. On Jaya Ekadashi, Lord Vishnu is worshiped as Jagadishwar

Benefits of  Jaya Ekadasi Vrat

Jaya Ekadashi Vrat – According to Padma Purana, the person keeping the fast will get an opportunity to wash away sins.

The person who is fasting will not be born into a ghost – love cunt – they will not be born as ghosts or other negative forces.

Victory over enemies. 

Desire fulfillment.

Overcome financial difficulties.

How to do Vishnu Puja on Jaya Ekadashi?

Worship should be done in the west direction of the house after morning or evening sunrise.

Puja on Jaya Ekadasi Vrat 2020 Importance
Puja on Jaya Ekadasi Vrat 2023 Importance

Take a bath and wear blue clothes.

Take a steel urn and fill it with water. Add some basil leaves. Close the mouth of the steel urn with a coconut.

Place the urn on a blue cloth.

Worship Vishnu as the God of the universe.

A lamp of ghee of a cow should be lit – a wick is preferred.


Offer rose agarbatti or incense sticks.

Introduce musk aroma – north or water.

Offer blue flowers

Prepare a dessert using coconut. It should be distributed with family members after worship.

Chant the Mantra Bhag Namo Bhagavate Jagadishvaraya (Om Namo Bhagavate Jagadishay) using sandalwood garland.

Special worship on Jaya Ekadashi

Light six lamps using sesame oil (sesame tail) to defeat enemies.

Offer betel nuts and cloves to Vishnu. Keep it in a money locker to fulfill wishes later.

Puja on Jaya Ekadasi Vrat 2020 Importance
Puja on Jaya Ekadasi Vrat 2023 Importance

Offer 12 bilvapatras to Vishnu to overcome financial troubles. Later cover them with black cloth and keep them hidden in the house.

Do not forget this work on Jaya Ekadashi

According to religious beliefs, rice should not be consumed on Ekadashi. It is believed that

The next birth of a human being in rice occurs in the vagina of a creeping organism.

On Ekadashi day, you should observe sattvikta with restraint in food and behavior.

Husband should observe celibacy on Ekadashi.

Ekadashi day is considered auspicious on all dates. If you want to receive God’s grace on this day, any person

On this day, use harsh words, do not lie and fight.

Ekadashi is considered as the day of worship of God. One should wake up early in the morning on Ekadashi. One should not sleep in the evening on this day.

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